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Hello! Welcome to Southern Threads Blog, a personal style blog by me, Danielle Fusilier.  I am a full time CAD drafter at a civil engineering firm in Ville Platte, LA and  I live in Eunice, LA, where I am a mother and wife to the two handsome men located in the photo above.  The two towns I live and work in are so small, I usually reference that I live near Lafayette, LA.  I am a true southern Louisiana girl who has gone mud riding, fed chickens, danced zydeco and two step, celebrates Mardi Gras, and eats a whole lot of boudin.  With that being said, I also wear high heels almost daily, read all the fashion magazines, and dream nothing short going New York Fashion Week one day.  I started this blog to express my personal style and passion for beauty and fashion, and encourage others to do the same.  I hope to encourage people to step outside your comfort zone and experience what the world has to offer.  I love being a wife and mother, but my dreams and passions do not stop there.  In my blog, I hope to show you my passion for my fashion, but also for my family and the love I have for the south.  I hope you enjoy my little area of internet and thanks for stopping by!





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