Dress (size4) also comes these colors  / Clutch (similar) / Shoes

Well I told yall I would tan, so I am hoping to leave this post apology free! Whoop Whoop!  Just in case you are wondering, I used the Jergens foam self tanner from Walmart.  It’s easy to use and I just use a self tanning mit I got at Ulta for like six bucks.  Moving on this little cotton dress honestly could not be more comfortable.  It is 100% cotton so its super easy to throw in the wash and you can throw it on straight out the dryer.  I personally love dresses like this to go shopping in.  When I go to the mall, I always try on at like what feels like a million stores and an easy off and on dress makes this process so much more bearable.  An even better time is when you are bloated, if you know what I mean.  No one wants to wear tight pants or skirts when they are a hormonal swollen mess, at least I know this girl doesn’t.  This dress is from Asos, and was my first purchase from them.  I have been trying new online stores and I really like how affordable they are.  This dress also comes in a few more colors linked above.  I’m currently rocking my Ipsy clutch but the one I have linked above is so much cuter.  Now last but not least, my sandals are Sam Edelman and are a bit pricey, but they are my new babies.  Move over Slade and Boston (my toddler and dog) because mamma has found a  new love. lol  I am trying to not wear them out too fast, but I feel like they look good with everything.  I seriously thought about buying another pair just in case something happens to these.  Anywho, that is it for this post.  Hope you enjoyed the post and see you soon!





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