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Hey peeps! So my Facebook friends know that this post is going to be a little more deep than usual.  Because this place is my space and I feel like the people who visit are my friends and come from a caring and supportive place, I feel like we can talk about more personal stuff than I will put on social media.  So obviously this is an outfit I can wear to take my munchkin anywhere on the weekend, because it is just a casual jeans and t-shirt.  Honestly when I take the most basic and plain pieces and put them together, that is sometimes when I feel the most cool or chic.  I added a statement necklace to add a little edge to the outfit.  So when I put the necklace on it brought me back to about a year ago, when I had a realization.  I know sometimes us small town girls tend to not do or wear what we want because of what people will say.  Well last year, I promised myself that if I put something on, that I would not change because of fear of what someone thought.  That was one of the most liberating times in my life, because it reminds me that I am my own individual.  Sometimes when I get down to Walmart in my heels, I hesitate and then I’m like oh hell no, this is who I am and what I like and I don’t care.  When I became a mom, it was the greatest gift I have ever received, but I do think we as women and moms tend to give up a lot and think we don’t have time for ourselves.  I have learned to make time for myself and a happy mom is a happy baby.  This blog takes time, but I really enjoy it, so I wait til he falls asleep then I pour myself a glass of wine and get to work.  I want to remind you that you can enjoy a pedicure, facial, massage, reading a book, or any hobby and still make time to go to the zoo or do something special with your babies.  Just because we are moms doesn’t mean we aren’t still the same sexual, beautiful, funny, silly, loving women we were before we had these amazing little creatures, it just adds a couple adjectives to the list that was there before.   So whether you like to do your makeup, clothes, play tennis, do puzzles, read, or volunteer, I think you should keep doing that because that’s the person you want your son or daughter to admire.  One day my wonderful son is going to grow up and leave me for someone else, and that actually makes me happy, because that’s when I’ll hopefully know I raised an independent, strong, well rounded young man who knows who he is and what he wants, and the only way to do that is to lead by example.  I hope this post was not too long or personal for some of you.  In conclusion, I urge you to be the strong beautiful women you are and also to buy these amazing Adidas shoes, because all white tennis shoes are totally in style right now! 🙂 I’ll link some a cheaper version in top bar above and hope you ladies have a fabulous day!


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