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Hi guys! Sorry it has been a while, but the weather has not been cooperative for pictures and we had some personal things to deal with.  All good stuff and I hope to be able to share it with you soon. (Fingers crossed and prayers are always appreciated)  This post is going to be my first make up post, but many more to come.  These are just the main products I use, that if I could only pick six products to take with me, I think these would be my choices.  I obviously wear more than this on a regular basis, but if I wake up late and have 15 minutes to get ready, these products will work on their own just fine.  We are starting with foundation and the Too Faced Born This Way foundation is my absolute favorite.  I also like to mix it in with this bb creme, it also works as a foundation.  Also this one from Mac is another fave.  For concealer, Urban Decay’s Naked concealer is hands down my favorite concealer of all time.  Nothing compares to it.  My third product is the Marc Jacobs Contour Palette.  It is just my current fave, but I also like this one and this one.  I think the best budget conscious one is the Anastasia one because she sells the individual refills on her website.  I use the banana powder more than the contour side so I don’t want to have to keep buying a palette when I have plenty contour powder left.  Moving on, I recently found this Hourglass bronzer in the color Radiant and it really gives me that sun kissed look.  It is a tad on the orangy side so if that is not for you I recommend this one.  This mascara is my ride or die mascara.  Nothing is bolder or blacker than this bad boy.  I have no alternatives because nothing compares to this one.  Lastly we have the notorious Brow Wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  She is the queen of brows and this product will give that brows on fleek look. lol It does tend to run out quick so I would like to try her pomade and I will let you know how that turns out.  In a few weeks, maybe I will do an in depth post about all my favorite products.  Leave a comment if liked this beauty post or any kind of other post you are interested in seeing in this blog.  Thanks for stopping by and this week we should get back to our regular posting. 🙂


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