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Candle / Rain boots / Sunglasses / Purse / Robe / Watch / Coffee Mug / Perfume / Phone Case

Mother’s Day is coming! Just in case you were looking for ideas because you don’t know what you want (been there), here are some of the things I am currently coveting.  This post is also for men so at times it may seem like I’m targeting them as an audience and for once I kinda am.

  1.  Candles are always a good gift as long as you know the persons taste in scents. If you are unsure try to go with a soft or clean scent since those are generally liked by a large number of women.  I haven’t tried the one above, but I am ordering today so I’ll give an update on the scent on my Southern Threads Facebook page when I do.  I also love bath and body works candles (on sale now) or most southern girls favorite is the Tyler Candle Co that you can find in boutiques or pharmacies.  If you have been married a long time your significant other may already know.  Ladies don’t be afraid to leave subtle hints or not so subtle hints if your guy isn’t that swift.  My husband is wonderful in all his own ways, but gift giving isn’t his forte, so I literally email him a list of links with colors and sizes for him to choose from.
  2. These Hunter Rain Boots are on my wish list as well, but here are a more budget friendly pair that are similar.  I like these because us country girls still need to look cute.  I also like these matte finish ones in olive.  Who doesn’t need a cute pair of rubber boots?
  3. You definitely can’t go wrong with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.  Men, if you you don’t know what style, ask a lady to help you at the counter and keep the receipt.  My husband bought me a Kate Spade purse last year for Valentine’s Day and it was pretty bad, but I loved the effort and I just exchanged for the one I liked.  Ladies just leave those magazine cut outs right under his coffee or beer a couple days a week and he should get the hint. lol
  4. Well since I already told the purse story you see where I am going with number four.  I love Kate Spade because her products are a great quality, but I also find her timeless and clean styles will keep your bag wearable for a longer time.  Also if you are able to splurge, a Tory Burch purse will really make your wife’s day! Just saying.
  5. I am slightly obsessed with robes.  This one I linked isn’t as practical, but because I have so many I like something pretty, and this one is light for summer.  Here and here are a more everyday, get the paper, take the dog out one, like one I personally wear a lot.
  6. I love this Kate Spade watch I linked above.  The leather strap trend is totally in style right now and I personally am obsessed, but if that isn’t your style, any watch is still a great gift for any occasion.
  7. Look how cute this coffee mug is.  That is all.
  8. Ladies, you definitely have to smell this Tory Burch Absolut perfume. I love it.
  9. Last but not least I love this phone cover.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you guys back soon!


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