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Well today I want to apologize for my pasty white legs.  I hope this will be my last apology and I can get my shiznit together, but since the last two posts, I have self tanned and brushed my hair. lol So let’s get to the meat and potatoes of today’s post and it is all about this dress.  I know it seems kinda plain, but I love it and had to post it because of it’s versatility.  I got it at Forever 21 about 2 weeks ago in store and can not find it online.  So my apology tour continues… I tossed the tag and I need to quit doing that because it helps me find the items I buy in store, online, but I did link four similar styles in the links labeled Dresses 1, 2, 3, & 4.  That will give some of you some options and ideas to get a similar style.  Okay, so I know some of you are like seriously, a post on this plain outfit, but yes seriously girl.  Number one reason you need this dress is the versatility.  It’s conservative and breathable.  There is seriously no where I wouldn’t wear this dress.  It’s dressy enough for church and still appropriate for the zoo.  It’s comfortable and simple enough to layer with a cute jacket or blazer and the style and fit is modern and sleek.  The only negatives about it is it does wrinkle easily and people may make baseball jokes about you, but jokes on them because you look good.   The wrinkles you see above or about as wrinkly as it gets,  so yes it does wrinkles easily, but doesn’t get progressively worse throughout the day.  The main reason I love this dress is for those days, when your husband is yelling at you because you are super late and you still didn’t pick an outfit; you can throw this on and save you thirty minutes of deliberation, resulting in less fussing from your husband in the car about how long you take. 🙂  I did not link the purse and shoes in the post, but they can be found in the Plaid Romper post.  Hope I didn’t blind you guys too bad with my paper white body and have a fabulous weekend!



  1. Oh my goodnesssss!!!!!!! I’m in love with the dress, the shoes, everything!!!!!!! You look gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. Love this!! Purse, shoes, dress, everything! And you shouldn’t be apologizing for your “whiteness” lol! You look great with or without a tan!

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